Worm Screw

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Worm Screw

Post by yangtao on Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:56 am

New worm screw gear, including the connection handle, shaft shoulder, cutting parts, shaft shoulders, support handle, cutting a worm in part by the composition of both sides of the worm shaft shoulder, a face is a worm outside diameter of the cone body sets , the shaft shoulder diameter of another end face of inner diameter greater than the worm shaft shoulder diameter of one end of processing a large connection handle, shaft shoulder diameter of one end of processing a large support shank. With thread grinder, universal tool grinder with the corresponding process manufacture. Use the screw diameter φ8mm worm hob, hobbing machine on the engine to produce a qualified anti-ice control attachment shaft. The utility model has the advantage of smaller diameter worm hob, hob can not be processed with normal processing of the small worm worm gear to meet the needs of industrial production.


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