The benefits of plastic pipe fittings

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The benefits of plastic pipe fittings

Post by baobao on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:18 am

Pipe fittings are useful as they allow pipe lines to be fitted together – around the corner, over the ceiling or even under the house. Plastic pipe fittings come in various shapes and sizes based on their applications. Some of the pipe fittings include elbow, straight connector, equal tee’s and pipe insert.

Plastic pipe fittings are more flexible than their metal counterparts. A plastic pipe fitting is ideal to use in your car because it can be coiled or deflected to fit and match the curve alignments of your car’s engine compartment. It also takes a little time to install plastic pipe fittings. Another thing that’s good about plastic fittings is that they can be readily connected to existing copper or metal pipe lines.

Due to these benefits, plastic pipe fittings are mostly used these days because of their low thermal conductivity, especially when used in a car engine. The low thermal conductance property of plastic fittings allows for balanced temperatures every time a fluid is transported in it.


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