Lift Plug Valve

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Lift Plug Valve

Post by shadow0576 on Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:49 am

Plug Valve, also known as Cock Valve, is one type of Closing or Plug Type that by rotation of 90 Degree to make the Passage of Plug and Valve Body to be the same or divided to realize its on/off functions. The Plug can be Cylinder or Taper Type. Plug valve is simple and often economical.
Lift Plug Valve is simple and rugged design makes it suitable for severe applications at high temperatures or with highly abrasive or erosive materials. In the Delayed Coking industry, the Scruff lift Plug is utilized as an Isolation and Switch valve. In vibrating, cracking, hydro processing, distillation and deasphalting refiner applications, the lift plug has proven to be an ideal isolation valve with many advantages over traditional ball valves and t-pieces.


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