bearing use savekeeping

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bearing use savekeeping

Post by lilyqianweiku on Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:46 am

Bearing,is the fixed part of the mechnical, when other part of mechnical shaft each other relative to move, to keep the shaft center and boycott the movement of parts .they call it bearing.
Bearing use savekeeping
Compared with other general mechnical parts,with hign precision,so when using corresponding should be careful.
1.keep bearing and surrounding clean
2.when using the bearing should be carefiul and earnest.
If carelessness bearing with strong make bearing appear scar,indentation,fracture,etc,injury.
3. using appropriate tool
4. note bearing antirust
avoid in damp site use and should use gloves.
5. when using should be familiar with the bearings.
6. set use bearing homework norms
a. bearing savekeeping
b. bearing and surrounding cleaning.
c. Installation position size and processing quality inspection.
d. Installation homework
e. After installation check
f. Remove homework
g. maintenance
h. lubricant supplement


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