Carbide Precision Mould

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Carbide Precision Mould

Post by yangtao on Fri Dec 03, 2010 8:25 am

Carbide Precision Mould.PR40PRA5super micro-grain diamond tungsten steel, extensively applied, it can be applied in medium speed cutting and finish cutting of various materials with HRC28. It has excellent impact resistance and general wear resistance, and has extensive application. Generally, it is applied for thicker cutting, discontinuous cutting and bad part fixture. After being coated, it has better result, can machine various materials of HRC50. Comparing with ISOK20&general tungsten steel, it has 1-2 times lifetime and excellent wear resistance;
Ultra micro-grain diamond tungsten steel, has excellent wear resistance performance, but its impact resistance is not so good, It is applicable for medium and low speed cutting of high hardness materials(HRC45-65) requiring thermal refining and quenching or for various materials having higher wear resistance and non-ferrous metal. Generally, it is applied in good working condition\stable cutting\excellent part fixing and continuous light machining. Corresponding to ISO K10.We can produce special, compound, special-shaped, super-large/ super-small/ super-long combined profiling series tool according to requirements of drawings, samples, and dimension tolerance.Welcome to our website to see more information on related products Cylinder Mould


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