solenoid directional valve

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solenoid directional valve

Post by shadow0576 on Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:02 am

Danfoss solenoid valve bodies and electrical coils are normally supplied separately and then combined.
They are assembled quickly and simply without tools, providing optimum product flexibility and availibility. If a coil does need to be replaced, it can be done without stopping or draining any system.
The solenoid directional valve are also available as assembled units if required.
FDF is direct or servo operated solenoid valve for liquid,suction,and hot gas lines with fluorinated refrigerant
1.Complete range of solenoid valves for refrigeration, freezing and air conditioning plant.
2.Supplied both normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO) with de-energized coils.
3.Wide choices of coils for a.c. and d.c..
4.Suitable for all fluorinated refrigerants.


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