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Nowadays, motorcycles are popular around us. They have be come an important means of transport in Chinese cities. Compared with the bike and the car, the motorcycle has its own advantages.
  First, it is quite flexible. When there is a traffic jam, it can go through the cars that are held up in the street. Besides, it doesn't consume much petrol. Most important of all, it can carry another person at the back.
  But every coin has two sides. The negative aspects are also apparent. To begin with, it's very complicated to get qualified for riding a motorcycle. You'll have to go through a series of procedures to get a riding license. Furthermore, the maintenance is expensive. Worst of all, it costs a big sum of money to pay for the license plate, especially in Shanghai.
  In conclusion, it has both favorable and unfavorable aspects. However, if the authorities concerned simplify the procedures and reduce the cost of the license plate, the motorcycle car will be accepted by more people.
 108. Different people have different views on firecrackers. Some people think that firecrackers should be banned because they endanger people's lives and social security. However, others hold that firecrackers shouldn’t be banned because they will drive evil spirits and bring luck.
  As to me, I am in favor of the first idea. The reasons are as follows. First, admittedly, letting off firecrackers will create an auspicious atmosphere, but it will not really bring luck to let off firecrackers. Besides, it is dangerous to let off firecrackers. It was reported that letting off firecrackers causes a lot of accidents, fire, injury, and even death every year.
  However, it is our traditional custom to celebrate an important occasion by letting off firecrackers. How can we let off firecrackers without causing accidents? The possible solution is that the substitute for the firecracker should be invented so that we can celebrate an important occasion without causing accidents.


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