Butterfly Valve

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Butterfly Valve

Post by yangtao on Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:45 am

Hard And Soft Sealing Butterfly Valve.This type of butterfly valve can be used to quick-cutting or controlling the flow an also applied to the sites required reliable sealing and good throttling to the flow. It is widely used to carry the liquids and gas(include the vapor) with strong corrosion ,such as sulfuric acid,hydrofluric.
The specificaitons of this valve can be summarized as (1)Nominal diameter: 40~300 mm; (2)Nominal pressure: 0.6/1.0/1.6 MPa,Class 150 LB ; (3)Type of connection: counter connection, flange connection; (4)Applicable temprature: -80~200 C; (5)Actuator: hand actuator, wormgear actuator,electric actuator,pneumatic actuator;
The features of this valve can be detailed as (1)perfect on sealing performance; (2)long span life; (3)the body adopts divided style; (4)the sealing between the ends of valve shafts can be reached by fluorine-rubber on the rotary base between the butterfly board and valve seat to realize reasonable technology and steady performance; Welcome to our website to see more information on related products
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