GSM Power Transmission

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GSM Power Transmission

Post by yangtao on Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:11 am

GSM Power Transmission Alarm System, S3525:
The Intelligent GSM power transmission alarm system applies to the security of 10KV power
electric transformer, power supply electric wire and cable and street lamp line. As well as
the power distribute stations. The outer shell is made of completely sealed aluminum casting.
With these advantages of being good at waterproof, practical, good quality and stable &
credibility etc, this GSM Power Transmission Alarm System can apply to various conditions. E.
G.: Protect the electric powers equipments of electric power, petroleum, Mineral Mountain,
etc. That is to say, the GSM Power Transmission Alarm System applies to where need to
burglarproof of electric equipments, if any electric wire broken will alarm and inform the
user immediately. The system can be used independently as well as with the alarm center.
Functions & Features: Welcome to our website to see more information on related products
double mechanical seal
1. Can automatically dial 3 telephones and send SMS to 3 cell phones while triggering
2. Can monitoring 3 phases loss voltage or any phase failure of the distribute power electric network;
3. Support line-break/ move/ vibration sensors;


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