Water Inlet Valve

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Water Inlet Valve

Post by yangtao on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:19 am

Cistern Fittings - Water Inlet Valve
Welcome to our website to read more information on this product Bearing Strip
1.Hold the line even if water pressure varies
2.Pressure design,Momentary shut off and Anti-siphon
3..The adjustable height :7.5"-10.5"',8.5"-12.5" ,G3/8 brass thread
4..Inside anti-siphon device installation to make sure it can not siphon under 0.8mpa pressure
5.It is free from leakage under 1.6mpa pressure
6.Optional refill pipe,adjusted refill rate 0-30% by the available different refill stopper
7.Simple water level adjustment ,the range for optional water level adjustment:0-2"
8.Filter prevents impurity from fill valve and easy to clean


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