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Post by lilyqianweiku on Thu Dec 30, 2010 4:02 am

Education plays a very important role in the modernization of our country, however, because of historical factors, there are still a lot of people in china who are uneducated, especially among youngsters in rural areas, they cannot afford the expense of schooling and the need help. At the same time, china is not able to invest too much money in the matter at that time.it is in this particular situation that the authorities carry out “hope project”. This project is necessary to our country.it is an urgent measure that the government has taken, in the first place, this project will provide condition for the youngsters to go back to school which contribute to their future success. Thus it will lead to the enhancement of intelligence level in our country.
Secondly, education makes it possible for people to acquire knowledge, which is useful to their future work, hence, this project benefits the
Modernization of our country a lot, finally, it may indirectly result in the increase of living standard of our people.
In my opinion, this project is of great important to our country at the present time, and it also will have a profound effect on the future achievement of our country, I suggest that more work can be done so that every child in the countryside can receive elementary education.


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