Drawingusedinthe manufacture

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Drawingusedinthe manufacture

Post by yangtao on Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:05 am

Drawingusedinthe manufacture of casting must be gauged systematicallyusingreferenceorlocating points in order to be definite that dimensionalchecksandsubsequentmachining are in agreement. Reference points mustbedeterminedright fromthe early design stage & coordinatedbetweenthezero positionof thereference planes is precisely defined bymeans ofthe referencepointdimensions. All reference points must bearranged insuch a way thattheyare not removed or altered in the work of thesubsequentmachiningprocess.Reference points should be positioned onthe outsidesurfaces oftheinvestment casting.They may take the form ofraised orreferencepointsare beneficial when dealing with castingswithrestricted shapeandposition tolerances. When determining thereferencepoints, attentionshould be paid to ensuring that they do notfall inthe area of asprue.In case of complex shaping,it is feasible inthisway to position thecasting precisely by(pre-)machining thelocatingpoints.Welcome to our website to see more products,eg:Pump casting product Welcome to our website to see more products,eg:Pump casting product


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