Laser engraver machines different kinds of distinction

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Laser engraver machines different kinds of distinction

Post by optimus on Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:16 pm

Laser engraver machines according to the purposes:
1, metallic and nonmetallic material, usually, semiconductors and yag.the used in metal material marking, some models use fiber optics marking metal, and only in nonmetallic material CO2 playing label.
2, according to the laser engraver machines light-emitting principle: is the use of a semiconductor laser crystal can stimulate hair sticks as illuminant, YAG is to use krypton lamp illuminant, CO2 is acted as hair with CO2 hair illuminant.
3, from the price on say, laser engraver machines in the most expensive is optical fiber laser engraver machines, the cheapest is yag.the, semiconductor now because updated technology, now also cheap


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