How To Choose The Bar Lamps And Lanterns?

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How To Choose The Bar Lamps And Lanterns?

Post by yufei on Tue Jan 11, 2011 4:35 pm

The bar owners often adopt these four kinds of special bar light-fixture in order to increase the artistic effect.
There are usually four types of them:
1. Iron art lamp: in the nostalgic style bars, exquisite iron lamp case fully embodies the retro style.
2. Rattan plaited lamp: This type of lamp suit for rural style bars.
3. Crystal lamp: The crystal just looks like the brilliant stars that make the bar full with romantic atmosphere; this is incomparable by other lamps.
4. Stainless steel lamp: it's mainly made by stainless steel, and easy to shape, also can be painting conveniently.

And to run a bar is not such an easy business, you also need to equipped with the bar furnitureand other stuff, it' s a long way to go.

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