mechanical engineering

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mechanical engineering

Post by optimus on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:21 am

All Engineering The development of the field of mechanical engineering are required to have corresponding Development, Need to provide the necessary mechanical engineering machinery. Some
mechanical Invention And improvement projects will lead to new technologies and the emergence of new industry and development. Manufacture of machinery such as large power Success, Contributed to Power The establishment of the system; locomotive led to the invention Railway Engineering And Railway The Rising; Internal combustion engine、Gas turbine、Rocket engine Such as the invention and progress, as well as aircraft and Spacecraft Led the successful development of aviation and space industry the rise; the development of high voltage equipment has led to many new synthetic chemistry success of the project and so on.
Mechanical engineering is increasing in all areas under the pressure of demand for access to development Power At the same time and from various disciplines and technological progress in improvements and innovation capabilities.


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