Gasket to produce

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Gasket to produce

Post by yangtao on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:36 am

Gasket to produce a plastic deformation, and strength of materials with a certain ring. Most pads are cut off from the metal plate, or by a professional factory producing the required size, the material is asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos, polyethylene plate; also useful for sheet metal (tin, stainless steel) to asbestos made of non-metallic materials such as metal pack wrapped gasket; there is a thin strip around the system together with the asbestos made with spiral wound gasket. Ordinary rubber gasket temperature lower than 120 ℃ for the occasion; asbestos rubber gasket suitable for water vapor temperature below 450 ℃, on the oil temperature is below 350 ℃, the pressure is lower than 5MPa the occasion, the general corrosion media, the most commonly used is the acid asbestos. In the high-pressure equipment and piping, copper, aluminum, 10 steel, stainless steel or other lens-type shape of the metal gasket. High-pressure gasket and sealing surface of the contact width is very narrow (line contact), with the gasket sealing surface of the processing finish higher.Welcome to our website to see more products,eg:Flanges


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