Self-sealing gate valve

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Self-sealing gate valve

Post by cisco on Fri Jan 21, 2011 9:41 am

A Self-sealing gate valve has a slab gate member and a pair of opposed seat assemblies on opposite sides of the gate member. The seat assemblies loosely fit in recesses in the housing and the dimensions of the gate member, seat assemblies and housing recesses are such that there is controlled interference between all sealing surfaces on assembly. An emergency sealant system provides emergency sealant to the face of the seat assemblies. Self-sealing gate valve is bestowed with such advantages: one is flexible seated; one is that the valve opening can be more intuitive. In order to determine the valve opening in long distance and take appropriate measures promptly to open and close quickly and reliably, so it is often used in fire fighting system. RRHX resilient seated gate valve, resilient seated gate valve, and valve seat seal.


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