The purpose of small gearbox

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The purpose of small gearbox

Post by shadow0576 on Sun Jan 23, 2011 4:37 pm

The purpose of small gearbox
Small gearbox is gear transmission components which transmit power through the gear transmission system. Just as its name implies, small gearbox is just a gearbox which in small size.
So, the purposes of small gearbox and small gearbox are the same.
1. For acceleration and deceleration   
2. Change the direction of transmission. for example, we can use two sector gear to transfer the power to another shaft rotates vertically.  
3. Change rotating torque. Under Equal power conditions, the gear with faster speed of gear axle suffered in the moment of the smaller, and vice is bigger.   
4. Clutch function: we can via separate two originally meshing gears, achieving the purpose of engine and load separate. Such as braking clutch, etc.   
5. Allocation dynamic. For example, we can use an engine, gearbox spindle drive through multiple from axis, so as to achieve a motor drive more load function.


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