What is a Fire signal gate valve?

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What is a Fire signal gate valve?

Post by sophia11 on Mon Jan 24, 2011 8:36 am

Fire signal gate valve is a gate valve for fire protection. It is used in automatic spraying water pipeline in fire protection system to monitor the water supply pipeline and indicate the valve's opening at a long distance. Fire signal gate valves are ideal for medium, such as clean water, foam liquids. Generally speaking, fire signal gate valve’s working principle is the same as signal gate valve: Turning hand wheel, lifting or descending disc, which connects with stem, through screw thread of hand wheel and stem, to achieve the role of open and closed. The .fire signal gate valve is installed in the pipe of ventilation or air conditioning system which requests to protect the breached fire from extending along the air duct. The valve is normally open, and it can also control the speed of the air.


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