The OPA2607

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The OPA2607

Post by yangtao on Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:35 am

The OPA2607 provides a high output voltage swing and low distortion required for low turns ratio ADSL upstream driver applications. Operating on a ±12V supply, the OPA2607 consumes a low 8.0mA/channel quiescent current to deliver a very high 250mA peak output current. Guaranteed output current of 180mA supports even the most demanding ADSL CPE requirements with low harmonic distortion. Differential driver applications will deliver < –75dBc distortion at the peak upstream power levels of full rate ADSL. Using a differential driver design, as shown below, the OPA2607 can deliver a high 38Vp-p voltage swing into a 1:0.8 step-down transformer to meet the ADSL CPE upstream power requirements. This low turns ratio actually provides a step up to the much weaker downstream signal arriving on the line side of this transformer, extending the DSL modem’s reach.The OPA2607 is available in three package styles. For power driver applications, a thermally enhanced package with a heat slug is available in both SO-8 and SO-14 pinouts. For lower power receiver applications, a standard SO-8 package is available.


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