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Mechanical definition of

Post by optimus on Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:07 am

1. Usually interpretation: machinery is simple device, it can draw energy, force is conveyed from one place to another place. It can change the shape of an object structure to create new objects. In life, around us there are innumerable different kinds of machinery in work for us. Mechanical daily understanding is a mechanical device, also be various machines and equipment.
2. The importance of the explanation: from mechanical major point of view: mechanical has important basic status. Mechanical modern society is carry out production and service of the five elements (namely person, capital, energy, materials and mechanical) one. Marx said to industrial society, said industrial society, especially large industrial society, namely rephrases machine production machine age. No matter from life of the contact in various physical device, such as electric phone television refrigerator elevator etc. All contain machine components, or contained in the machinery of generalized from production, and see, all kinds of machine tools, automation equipment, plane, ship, god, god five six etc, it can't do without the machinery.


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