Know this tips then to clean

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Know this tips then to clean

Post by yufei on Sat Feb 12, 2011 11:30 am

1.Using the cleanser so as to achieve what kind of effect?
(1) Make the cleaning easier.
(2) Remove or reduce the adhesive force of dustiness.
(3)Avoid articles being heated, damped and contaminated by chemical or damage by friction.
(4) Extend the item working life.
(5) Beautify the items appearance.
2. What are the basic types of commonly used cleaner? And they are presented by what?
There are three base types: acidic cleaner, neutral detergent and alkaline detergent. The cleanser chemical properties are usually presented by PH.
3. What’s the main application of acidic cleaner?
The acid has the certain function of sterilization deodorization, and even can neutralize obstinate stains spot dirty, so the acidic cleaner is mainly used in the toilet cleaning.
4. What’s the main function of the neutral detergent?
The formula has a gentle formula, so that it won’t corrode and damage any items, and wil have the effect of cleaning and protection on the items, its main function is decontamination cleaning.

5. How to use the furniture wax?
Firstly to pour some wax on the dry cloth or the furniture surface then to wipe it, that is to clean the furniture. To wipe again after 15 minutes, that is polishing. The effect can be excellent after wipe twice.


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