Tips about contract furniture

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Tips about contract furniture

Post by yufei on Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:07 am

These are all caused by unprofessional and over-confident of consumers.

Before you custom the furniture you should consider these tips:
1. The family number and condition. If the house area is limited but the family number is quite large, then the furniture should be simple in style and small in size relatively.
2. Unify the furniture style and decoration style. Make certain which furniture style you choose before decoration.
3. Setting up a reasonable budget. Do not take the manufacturers that offer a low price or easy to bargain, some individual workshops use the cheap material but with poor quality, you can easily to bargain for thousand yuan, but as we know the higher the price, the better the quality .
4. Use the budget on the “cutting edge”. According to your personal living habit and profession, make sure which are necessities and which are not.
Get more information about the furniture here.


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