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something of CA3080E

Post by yeluo on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:26 am

The CA3080E and CA3080A types are Gatable-Gain Blocks
which utilize the unique operational-transconductanceamplifier
(OTA) concept described in Application Note
AN6668, “Applications of the CA3080E and CA3080A High-
Performance Operational Transconductance Amplifiers”.
The CA3080E and CA3080A types have differential input and a
single-ended, push-pull, class A output. In addition, these types
have an amplifier bias input which may be used either for gating
or for linear gain control. These types also have a high output
impedance and their transconductance (gM) is directly
proportional to the amplifier bias current (IABC).
The .CA3080E and CA3080A types are notable for their excellent
slew rate (50V/μs), which makes them especially useful for
multiplexer and fast unity-gain voltage followers. These types
are especially applicable for multiplexer applications because
power is consumed only when the devices are in the “ON”
channel state.
The CA3080A’s characteristics are specifically controlled for
applications such as sample-hold, gain-control, multiplexing,


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