something of CA3193E

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something of CA3193E

Post by yeluo on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:32 am

The CA3193A and CA3193E are ultra-stable, precision
instrumentation, operational amplifiers that employ both
PMOSandbipolar transistorsona singlemonolithic chip.
TheCA3193A and CA3193E amplifiers are internally phase
compensated and provide a gain bandwidth product of
1.2MHz. They are pin compatible with the industry 741
series and many other IC opamps,and may beusedas
replacements for 741series types in most applications.
The CA3193A andCA3193Ecan also be used as functional
replacements for op amp types 725, 108A, OP-5, OP-7,
LM11 and LM714 in many applications where nulling is not
voltage vs temperature coefficient the CA3193A and
CA3193E amplifiershaveawiderrangeofapplicationsthan
most opamps and are particularlywell suited foruseas
thermocouple amplifiers, high gain filters, buffer, strain
The two types in the CA3193E series are functionally
identical.The CA3193A and CA3193E operate fromsupply


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