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something of AD7226KN

Post by yeluo on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:43 am

The AD7226KN contains four 8-bit voltage-output digital-toanalog
converters, with output buffer amplifiers and interface
logic on a single monolithic chip. No external trims are required
to achieve full specified performance for the part.
Separate on-chip latches are provided for each of the four D/A
converters. Data is transferred into one of these data latches
through a common 8-bit TTL/CMOS (5 V) compatible input
port. Control inputs A0 and A1 determine which DAC is loaded
when WR goes low. The control logic is speed-compatible with
most 8-bit microprocessors.
Each D/A converter includes an output buffer amplifier capable
of driving up to 5 mA of output current. The amplifiersí offsets
are laser-trimmed during manufacture, thereby eliminating any
requirement for offset nulling.
Specified performance is guaranteed for input reference voltages
from +2 V to +12.5 V with dual supplies. The part is also specified
for single supply operation at a reference of +10 V.
The AD7226KN is fabricated in an all ion-implanted high speed
Linear Compatible CMOS (LC2MOS) process which has been
specifically developed to allow high speed digital logic circuits
and precision analog circuits to be integrated on the same chip.


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