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something of TC913BCPA

Post by yeluo on Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:21 am

The TC913BCPA is the world's first complete monolithic, dual
auto-zeroed operational amplifier. The TC913BCPA sets a
new standard for low power, precision dual-operational
amplifiers. Chopper-stabilized or auto-zeroed amplifiers
offer low offset voltage errors by periodically sampling
offset error, and storing correction voltages on
capacitors. Previous single amplifier designs required
two user-supplied, external 0.1μF error storage correction
capacitors much too large for on-chip integration.
The unique TC913BCPA architecture requires smaller
capacitors, making on-chip integration possible.
Microvolt offset levels are achieved and external
capacitors are not required.
The TC913BCPA system benefits are apparent when contrasted
with a TC7650 chopper amplifier circuit implementation.
A single TC913BCPA replaces two TC7650's and
four capacitors. Five components and assembly steps
are eliminated.
The TC913BCPA pinout matches many popular dual-operational
amplifiers: OP-04, TLC322, LM358, and ICL7621
are typical examples. In many applications, operating
from dual 5V power supplies or single supplies, the
TC913BCPA offers superior electrical performance, and can
be a functional drop-in replacement; printed circuit
board rework is not necessary. The TC913BCPA's low offset
voltage error eliminates offset voltage trim
potentiometers often needed with bipolar and low
accuracy CMOS operational amplifiers.
The TC913BCPA takes full advantage of Microchip's
proprietary CMOS technology. Unity gain bandwidth is
1.5MHz and slew rate is 2.5V/μsec.


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