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something of OPA343EA

Post by yeluo on Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:24 am

OPA343EA series rail-to-rail CMOS operational amplifiers
are designed for low cost, miniature applications.
They are optimized for low voltage, single supply
operation. Rail-to-rail input/output and high speed
operation make them ideal for driving sampling analog-
to-digital converters. They are also well suited for
general purpose and audio applications as well as
providing I/V conversion at the output of D/A converters.
Single, dual, and quad versions have identical
specifications for design flexibility.
The OPA343EA series operates on a single supply as low
as 2.5V, and input common-mode voltage range extends
500mV beyond the supply rails. Output voltage swings
to within 1mV of the supply rails with a 100kW load.
They offer excellent dynamic response (BW = 5.5MHz,
SR = 6V/ms), yet quiescent current is only 850mA. Dual
and quad designs feature completely independent circuitry
for lowest crosstalk and freedom from interaction.
The single (OPA343EA) packages are the tiny 5-lead
SOT-23-5 surface mount and SO-8 surface mount.
The dual (OPA2343) comes in the miniature MSOP-
8 surface mount and SO-8 surface mount. The quad
(OPA4343) packages are the space-saving SSOP-16
surface mount, SO-14 surface mount, and TSSOP-14
surface mount. All are specified from 40C to +85C
and operate from 55C to +125C. A SPICE
macromodel is available.


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