Gearbox production and processing of information

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Gearbox production and processing of information

Post by weiku2012 on Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:22 am

Gearbox production and processing of information
Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. Nanjing create professional production and sales of gear boxes, high-speed gear box, high-speed Gearboxes factory, Nanjing Flextronics Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. is a group of high-speed, heavy gear equipment development, research, well-known large-scale enterprises engaged in manufacturing the backbone of many years of engineering and technical staff formed a joint venture, set technological innovation, product development, manufacturing, quality control, technical services for the high-tech enterprises. Professional production of high-speed, heavy duty, precision gear box, Series drum coupling, worm screw lift and other products manufacturing company, products widely used in iron and steel, building materials, petrochemicals, fan, paper, cement, coal , general machinery and other fields. Southern Company has a dedicated R & D center, with a dozen high-speed heavy gear in the design and manufacture of professional and technical personnel, the use of Philadelphia Gear's design software, complete testing means, the quality system, the products are sold throughout the country. Especially small and medium series of high-speed gear box industry, the company produce hundreds, occupies a large market by domestic users alike.

Company is equipped with German HOFER400, HOFER1250, HOFER2000 CNC forming grinder, Y31125, Y3180 series hobbing machine, high-speed balancing machines. Also supporting a complete set of domestic and foreign testing apparatus, to improve the quality of the internal gear, the company supporting a heat treatment plant, can gear carburizing, hardening, nitriding and high-frequency quenching and other heat treatment process, complete specifications, including the use of Siemens control carburizing furnace system of multiple, up to 4000mm diameter can be carburized layer depth of up to 7-8mm, tooth surface hardness of HRC58-62.

The company's products have been formed more than a dozen large series, can be user-friendly choice, but also according to the different needs of special design.
Product range of processing: stability of hardened precision gears 4000mm reach five, the highest three. Had already manufactured products, the output of the maximum speed 80,000 rev / min.
The company's products include:
NJGS / CLS high-speed Gearboxes
MBY, MLX mill reducer
YNK, ZD Hardened reducer
NGW planetary gear box
QJY, QJYX cranes reducer
Metallurgical industry with the bar mill gear box series
Various non-standard gear box and gear parts
Company for the sake of further development, the introduction of a large number of professional and technical personnel and management personnel, a series of technological innovation, the use of Philadelphia Gear's gear design software, design software, Xi'an Jiaotong University and advanced bearing manufacturing technology, and the preparation of a comprehensive use of computer technology ( CAPP). Ensure high quality and reliable products are sold abroad. We will use better quality, better service to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.


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