Ceramic Brake Pads

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Ceramic Brake Pads

Post by Cherry2005 on Thu Aug 16, 2012 5:45 am

Ceramic Brake Pads can endure a wide range of temperatures. Drivers donít want to have to worry about the road conditions that they are driving in and how their brakes will handle the situation. Ceramic brakes can help with this. They also help with dust and noise reduction.
To accommodate this, brake friction materials have evolved significantly over the years. They've gone from asbestos to organic to semi-metallic formulations. Each of these materials has proven to have advantages and disadvantages regarding environmental friendliness, wear, noise and stopping capability.
Asbestos caused health problems for many people. Organic braking materials are not always able to meet a wide range of braking requirements. Unfortunately the steel strands used in semi-metallic pads to provide strength and conduct heat away from rotors also generate noise and are abrasive enough to increase rotor wear.


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