Well worth 80 workers after purchase

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Well worth 80 workers after purchase

Post by lilyqianweiku on Sat Aug 25, 2012 6:11 am

Now Mazda are mostly imitation horse 2 made, like gruppo wing and guangdong show new car! Today to jining horse 2 shop drive of some kind of, really very good, starting speed super fast, interior or better, after all, the price in that puts, enginesound is not large also, start the motor is not tremble badly, (207 a than to know), but the rear wheel is not disc brake, some disappointment, but spare tire is and car are aluminum alloy wheel "handsome", engine under no tap, very sad, but generally this price all have no, like Honda front fan, Peugeot 207... No reversing radar, can supply, ok, no skylight, vexed, no side airbag, 87000, also line, really want to go home now and then open


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