How to pick lampholders in professional way?

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How to pick lampholders in professional way?

Post by greenli on Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:43 am

A lamp holder is a device used to fix light position and link lights to power. It seems that only professionals know much about lampholders. When lampholders at home break down, you have to to new ones with little knowledge about it. Here are some common things about lamp holder specifications.

Generally, the model of most common energy-saving lamp is E27 while T8 or T5 lampholders often match fluorescent lamps. According to safe authentication of IEC (International Electrotechnical commission), lampholder specifications are marked with E, GU or MR letters. Take E14 lampholder for example, the letter E refers to Edison base, Edison thread spiral lampholder; the number after "E" means integer value of lampholder threads.

E27 and E14 lampholder refer to size of the common type screw base lampholders. E27 is the lampholder of common home-use incandescent lamps; E14 lampholder is smaller in size than E27. Compared with E27, GU bayonet lampholders, like GU10, are larger in size. G refers to  plug-in type lampholder and U stands for part shape of lamp holder; the figure behind the GU is lamp foot hole center distance light with unit "MM". "MR" lampholders are straight insert type, used for small spotlights. These tips can help you can find right type lampholders.


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