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Post by weiku on Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:29 am

Choosing a quilt may confusing you cause there are so many terms you will have to consider among which color is a comfortable term.
When choosing color for your bedroom and your bed quilt, it all comes down to your personal preference. Otherwise bedroom is your most personal space and should be the one in which your personality really shines through. There are two types of colors, cool and warm. Cool colors are blue-based colors such as green, blue, purples, and blue based reds. Warm colors are yellow-based colors such as red, yellow, orange, and yellow green. Traditionally cool colors were recommended as the most relaxing for the bedroom, but warm based colors can create an intimate cozy environment. Anyway it depends on your likes.
If you are not sure about which color to choose for your bedroom, keep your walls neutral and incorporate color in your bed quilt. Neutral wall colors allow you to effortlessly change the color scheme with just a change of your bed quilt and accessories. If you have a small bedroom, choose pale colors to create space. If you have a large bedroom, use strong warm colors to create an intimate space with dimension.
Have fun and use different layers of colors in your quilt. If you like to decorate with multiple patterns, use the same basic color palette for a soothing feel. Want to release the inner bohemian in you, use a mixture of patterns in bright or dark colors. A suitable color for your quilt is a feast fir your eyes.
Here are suggestions to create the environment you want:
•Modern bedroom: use white, beige, gray, or a mixture of neutrals for a clean sophisticated look
•Elegant bedroom: use your favorite combination of dark, saturated colors
•Chic: use elements of bright vibrant color
•Rustic: mix and match your favorite colors
•Cottage: use a mixture of light colorations found in nature
Ultimately the color choice is yours alone and what makes you feel at home. Here are a few more suggestions to help you find the color that's just right for you:
•Invest in a high quality set of basic sheets in a color you won't grow tired of. (Ivory and White will never go out of style!) This way you can reinvent your bed seasonally or as trends shift with a change of shams and a comforter cover or coverlet.
•If you have colorful walls, go for muted colors on the bed. Or if you have pale walls, dress up your bed with a splash of color.
•Use deep, warm colors sparingly in the bedroom. Subtler shades tend to be more relaxing, whereas vibrant colors tend to make you alert.
•If you want something sophisticated and calming, pick a color you like and work with it tonally in the same color family.
•You can never go wrong with neutrals!
At last here are some small tips for bedding care:
Air quilt and blanket on the clothesline monthly to remove dust and naturally sanitize.
Machine wash cotton and wool blankets on the delicate cycle using a gentle detergent.
Store out-of-season quilt and bags in a cool, dry place where the product can breathe.
Always use pillow, duvet and mattress protectors. bounce


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