pick bedding from the color and quality

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pick bedding from the color and quality

Post by weiku on Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:17 am

Color: color depends on personal preference, but avoid without theme. have a overall consideration of your furniture,bed style and home decoration.accordance with them will be graceful and elegant,Contrasting colors can be remarkable fashion, beautiful.With no subject, no layering only gives a sense of incongruity, the visual effects are poor.to avoid unnecessary troubles inquiry whether there is a color difference before selection.the product of Ruxinchina company is carefully selected before unload to the shop, so the color and pictures are basically the same.

Quality: Quality is the most important, when buy bedding , first pay attention to the brand, environmental factors, then the price and style. Try to choose the genuine manufacturers products , manufacturers chosen the azo dyeing fabric in strict accordance with the standards developed by national production (azo means conventional dyeing dye containing harmful substances, have a carcinogenic prohibited by the state to use), full product size and fine workmanship. For example,Ruxin International Co.,Ltd is a good home bedding supplier with which you should not go wrong.

In addition, in the purchase of bedding should conscientiously identify the pros and cons, can be noted from the following aspects.

1. Check identity and the packaging. Product instructions can be tag, label, packaging, and the instruction manual and the form of one or more of the same time, it must indicate: the name and address of the manufacturer, product name, model specifications, raw ingredients and content, washing method, the implementation of standards, quality grade, quality certification, such as the contents of a different description of the form of the content should be consistent, especially specification model, the composition and content of the raw materials.

2. Find well know manufacturers. The well-known manufacturers of the products better guarantee product quality.

3. Check the appearance, look at the workmanship. Different grades of bedding on the market have the difference in price , the workmanship and quality. Better quality fabric is formation, uniform, fine texture, printing clear, shiny, smooth sewing. The quality in unevenness sparse texture, pattern disorders, sewing is hard to guaranteed. washed size change rate, color fastness may be exceed standard.

4. Smell the odor, pick colors. The products emitting odor stimulation is likely to have residual formaldehyde, it is better not to buy. In the selection of colors, to purchase appropriate light tones, such as formaldehyde, color fastness excessive risk small. In addition, in the purchase by the shrink, wrinkle, soft, very flat finishing products should be cautious, avoid taste.http://www.weiku.com/Home-Furniture/buy-Bedding.html


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