Shaping fashion perception for bed quilt sets

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Shaping fashion perception for bed quilt sets

Post by weiku on Sat Oct 13, 2012 10:15 am

Details shaping the perception of fashion
In general, the bed quilt sets occupy the biggest area in the interior decoration furnishings, their color, pattern, home style is also very clear. The beautifully designed, high quality bed cloth, will not only bring a pleasing appearance, but also the more experience that the home mood reflects every night sleep.Now, pay attention to the bed cloth, the pursuit of exotic life crowd is relatively common. This consumption trend prompted by a number of world-class fashion designer also involved in the design of the bed decorations brand that once only made clothes, now can also be seen in a duvet, blankets, shawls and pillowcases. It is a home fabric brand designer Zhang Da, who thinks some fabric and pattern for clothing can easily turn into bed cloth, especially menswear fabrics. Menswear design financial household cloth, refreshing style not only conquered the hearts of a large number of men, and its simple, straightforward, the natural temperament style also won the recognition and favor of many housewives.
Emphasis on the use of comfort. According to reports, in the choice of bed quilt sets, we must first choose comfortable fabrics, this is the most critical point, it is best to choose environmentally friendly high density dyes cotton fabric. Currently on the market there are a variety of textures, patterns and textiles fabrics, the selection should pay attention to the performance of the product. due to the bed quilt set direct contact with the human body, we must pick the soft texture of cotton, silk and other fabrics, these fabrics feel good and also easy to clean.
The environmentally harmless is preferred . According to the person Ms Ho in charge of a brand of home textiles , multi-brand bed quilt set is mainly made by cotton fabric, products are distributed to high, medium and low-grade and the best series due to their density, fabric and workmanship. For example, bed product family of four, the price ranges from 400 to 10,000 Yuan. Ms Ho said that there is a growing recognition of the environmentally harmless bed quilt set, in which most consumers in favor of cotton bed quilt set. In bed quilt set of 8000-10000 Yuan series, workmanship and fabric are the main features of this series which is different from other products. It is understood that such bed quilt set use more silk fabrics, the personal side use high woven high density cotton fabric, the consumer will really feel this type of bed quilt sets to bring people comfortable and environmentally friendly experience, but also It is for this reason, this type of bed quilt set won the favorite of high-end consumers.


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