Basic knowledge about bedding (2)

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Basic knowledge about bedding (2)

Post by weiku on Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:59 am

Bedding refers to things that was placed on the bed including quilt, duvet covers, bed sheets, bedspreads, bed enterprises, pillowcases, pillow, blanket, sleeping mat and mosquito nets; In this article, we mainly refers to beddings as quilting products and polyester fiber products, including blankets and sleeping mat.

bedding fabric:

Fabric refers to the bedding fabric used to make the finished surface. Fabric requirements, in addition to the intrinsic quality requirements, also must have a good appearance, face cloth tear strength, abrasion resistance, moisture absorption, the feel should be better shrinkage control in less than 1%, The fabric can be used if color fastness is in line with national standards.

1, the development of bedding fabric: the fabric of our traditional bedding are relatively simple, there are only woolen cotton, silk, satin and so on; in the mid-eighties perianth rising as the textile star, acrylic and polyester fabrics are mainly used; until the early nineties, combed cotton fabric are only listed a small quantities. Today, expensive satin, jacquard and yarn-dyed cotton fabric has gradually accepted into the mainstream market.

2, several main fabrics: the fabrics for bedding mainly include polyester-cotton, cotton, polyester, acrylic, silk, linen, and some blended fabrics, polyester cotton and cotton fabrics.

Bedding filler:

1, filler refers to the material used to make the inner core for the bedding. Traditional filler is cotton, there are a few areas using natural materials such as chrysanthemums, buckwheat pillow filler. Traditional batt only has initial processing, don’t go through degreasing treatment, they are easily on the tide, and will end up with a long board moldy,. Therefore, after the launch of the new type of filler material, the batt was soon eliminated. General urban residents are now using a variety of polyester fiber as bedding filler.

2, polyester fiber, here we are referring to the bedding which dedicated into a full name of "the polyester hollow three-dimensional curl staple fiber”. polyester products is starting as the filler used to make toys, and it is commonly known as doll cotton. This fiber is hollow, and goes through high temperature treatment, the fibers were curled, and fluffy and soft, elastic and thermal insulation are very good. "Polyester three-dimensional hollow curly short fiber can be divided into a variety of kind from the hole number and the degree of curl, I won’t describe it in detail here.


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