Make your bed quilt sets fashionable

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Make your bed quilt sets fashionable

Post by weiku on Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:23 am

Focus on decorative effect
Under normal circumstances, ingenious combination of bedding and the surrounding environment is able to happen when the texture performance, design patterns and color can match each other well. So take a comprehensive consideration when choose your bedding.
creating a comfortable, warm family atmosphere is the principle when people pick bed quilt sets. Textile Industry suggest that different color gives different psychological feeling, comfortable and harmonious colors give people a peace mind, on the contrary, uncomfortable color makes the person feel unhappy and unable to sleep. Therefore, you should choose the color of the bed quilt set in the base of your own preferences, and also take the surrounding environment into account, to see whether these bed linens are in harmony with the surrounding environment. Monochrome mix has high color purity, strong personality, which results in gorgeous and magnificent performance. In general, large flowers, and other creative patterns are good choice; meanwhile, geometric and abstract patterns are also very popular among consumers which can embody a elegant, avantgarde feel.
Wear pretty clothes for bed
you can invite the designer to build elsewhere of the family, but the bedding as our intimate partner is better to be decorated by ourselves. After all, only we ourselves can understand what we truly like. For example, pillowcases, quilt or top linens can be a combination of various flower patterns, they do not need to be the same, but should be coordinative in tone and style. For blue sheets of solid color, you can match the vertical bar, and the other is plain; sheets on the fabric, antique silk embroidered pillowcases or old tapestry, pay special attention to the mix of different textures and details, to create an elegant and refined feeling; inlaid fold edging for the pillowcase helps to add a romantic bedroom both use the same cloth as the main fabric and pillowcases production, but also can be used to produce the same fabric as the curtains pattern. Choosing bed quilt set as a whole system is a wonderful and easy skill, if you canít decide which is good or you are lazy enough, then itís the best way to choose and itíll never be wrong.
In short, if you want to make use of bedding to express your fashion taste, lifestyle and reflect your personality, tailor-made by yourself is really a good option in addition to the selection of buying a whole set.


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