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Have a warm night

Post by weiku on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:56 am

Do you feel chilly sleeping in the bed at night? It seems that it is very cold this winter. And a warm bed is extremely essential for a cold season. On the other hand have a good night is very important after a whole day’s work. Everyone needs a good rest and everyone is born to like sleep.
Getting a warmer bedding or quilt is the easiest way to warm your bed. There are more and more kinds of warm keeping bedding,like wool bedding , duck down bedding and son on. You know,cotton bedding seems to become the most traditional kind of bedding. But it really work in a cold night. It is still one of the best choice for you.
If you are really cold at night, try using two fleece coverlets and slide in between them, you will be warm and toasty in no time. Fleece coverlets or throws allow air to circulate while flannel traps it, the difference here is that you will sweat with the flannel and you won't with the fleece.
There are still many things you can do to warm yourself and have a good night.
If you work hard,get a footbath with hot water before go to bed; if you have a insomnia, get a footbath with hot water before go to bed; if you are neither of them,get a footbath with hot water before go to bed,it will help you have a good night. Getting a hot water itself is helpful for your health.
As I know warm milk will do good for your sleep. Milk is nutrient and hot milk is helpful for a good night. It can make you have a beautiful dream and of course a wonderful nigh. If you don’ like milk, honey is another nice choice. Drinking a glass of honey water is very useful for a full sleeping.
Winter is coming,wish you have a warm winter! Good night!http://www.weiku.com/search/?key=bedding&cid=0


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