Some kinds of bed cover set

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Some kinds of bed cover set

Post by weiku on Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:54 am

I didnít sleep well last night because it is too cold. It has been raining so many days. My room is completely moist, my quilt is not warm any longer. I miss a sunny day so much. I miss a set of new and warm bedding, I wish to have a big bedroom, I wish to live in a big house, I wish ÖI have so many wishes.
The society makes us full of desires. As technology developing, more and more kinds of bed cover set come into being. Except traditional cotton and polyester, high standard fiber is very popular in market, like bamboo quilt, animal down quilt, silk quilt and so on.
So many kinds of fiber may make you confused to choose.
Cotton is the most traditional natural fiber, and it is still welcome today. Cotton is warm and healthy to us. There is no doubt that cotton is a wonderful choice for you. Of course cotton also has its shortcoming which is heavy and needs shine often. So if you choose cotton, you have to be hard-working.
Polyester is one of traditional man-made fiber. It is very cheap and light. I think it is suitable for summer. water absorbability is also good. But it may not friendly to our skin.
Bamboo quilt is new and popular now. it is called eco-environment friendly fiber. So it is a little expensive for us.
Silk is expensive fiber as well, and needs good maintenance.
Animalsí down is extremely warm and perfect for winter. So it is also very expensive. Expensive fiber needs careful maintenance. Animalsí down is easily damaged by worms.
These are just my opinions, it may useful for you in some extent.


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