Make your crystal chandelier as good as new

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Make your crystal chandelier as good as new

Post by weiku on Mon Jan 14, 2013 4:32 am

There is no doubt that you have beautiful crystal chandelier in your rooms more or less. Chandelier is very popular among decorations. As time passing by, your crystal chandelier may get dirty and lose its luster. Yes, everything needs maintenance, so does crystal chandelier.

Doing something for the first time may be the event that can put too much risk on your part. However, you should know that there are more things that can be done past that first time. This would be true in many things and the simplest application would be cleaning your delicate furniture such as a crystal chandelier.

Cleaning Up Your Crystal Chandelier

First, you need to remove the crystals from the body of the chandelier for separate cleaning. Never clean your crystals while they're still dangling to avoid accidents. You can wrap each crystal in newspapers or cloth to avoid abrasions or fogging while you're taking care of the frame.

You can clean up the body or frame of your chandelier while they're still attached to the ceiling or you can remove it so you won't have to spend the rest of your day looking up. You might want to make use of soft materials, like cotton-made cloth, to avoid destroying its quality. You can use lukewarm water to get rid of dust and apply pH-balanced cleaning agents to get rid of those hard-to-remove stains and give it that magnificent sheen we want it to have.

As for your crystals, avoid simplifying the process by using your dishwasher for it. Warm water will only cause your crystals to fog up and takes up a lot of time and effort to remove. It's best to use tap water for it. Gently wipe it up using a soft cloth and let it sit to dry before installing it back on your chandelier.

If you are ready to clean the crystal chandelier, always take note of the removable things. You should put it in a diagram and make sure that you can have it arranged the right way. Also, think that the crystal chandelier is made of crystal materials so extra care would still be needed. You should also have your ladder sturdy enough since it will have to support you while you are cleaning it. You should also be able to reach different areas of the chandelier and do the cleaning the most comfortable way possible
Since there are so many procedures, you may feel it boring to do it. Yes, it really needs patience. But good things always need payment. So if you want your chandelier beautiful as new and make your room pretty and neat, I am afraid you have to careful maintenance.


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