Do you know about ceiling light

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Do you know about ceiling light

Post by weiku on Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:28 am

Ceiling Light! Since the birth of the bulb, ceiling lights have been shed on nearly every subject. Your desire to see in the dark is not unique, but the style in which you choose to illuminate the world will set you apart. Along with the task of providing general lighting, ceiling light fixtures help elevate mood and become focal pieces of artistic expression within your design scheme.
The term ceiling lights can mean a broad range of fixtures. It can include lighting used as a focal point or a fixture designed to illuminate an entire room evenly. And when it comes to fixtures, there’s virtually no shortage of options available at Take a look around you, and chances are you see a ceiling light of one kind or another. Technically, a ceiling light is any light source that originates from the ceiling, so there are tons of possibilities. From the bathroom and kitchen to bedroom and hallway, there is always a ceiling light for your needs.
In the terms of height: Close to ceiling lights include flush mount and semi-flush fixtures. Ceiling light fixtures should be at least 7 feet from the floor. If you have high ceilings and are looking for a more decorative fixture, a semi-flush ceiling light will work very nicely as the body of the light fixture typically hangs 1-3 feet below the ceiling. If you have 8' ceilings, you might want to stick to a flush mount light. If the fixture is for your bathroom, we would most certainly recommend a flush mount fixture to protect the sockets from moisture. Flush mount and semi flush fixtures are the most popular kinds of ceiling lights. They’re usually designed to spread a broad range of light in a hallway, bathroom, or bedroom. They can also be used as outdoor ceiling fixtures for the porch.

Ceiling Lights are an essential part of home lighting and interior design in general for that matter
Ruxin international co, ltd carries some of the best known brands of traditional and temporary ceiling lights. Each of the many brands we work with offer a multitude of modern ceiling light pendants, flush mounts, chandeliers, bowl lights, and spotlights. Both line and low-voltage products are available, along with halogen, incandescent and fluorescent options. Lumens' large assortment of ceiling light possibilities will allow you the best possible choice for creating and complementing your modern design aesthetic.


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