The bedding with sleeping strategy

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The bedding with sleeping strategy

Post by weiku on Fri Mar 22, 2013 9:47 am

  You may know the sleeping beauty. Sleep is good to our skin, so if you want to have nice skin, you must have a good sleep. Sleeping is so important to us, especially for the beauty. Now letís go to talk about how to improve our sleeping environment to make us good sleep.
  No.1 Perfect sleeping strategy-choose a suitable mattress
  Mattress as people valve do affects sleeping quality. You canít define a good mattress by material quality, the degree of hardness or softness, price and so on, but the best is the one which fits your own. Mattress expert say too hard or too soft is not good to our health. Good mattress must be soft, high elasticity, Sustainable for peopleís physiological curve, good air permeability.
  Now there are spring mattress, sponge mattress, latex mattress and so on. Every kind of mattress has its own advantage, it depends on people who choose. But whatever kind of mattress, you have to experience by your own when you are shopping.
  No.2 Perfect sleeping strategy-get warm from quilt
  The beauty like [url=]romantic bedding[/url]. You have to pay attention to your temperature and room temperature when you buy quilt, 28įC~30įC is the perfect temperature for inside of the quilt. If your room temperature is not high, you can choose a warm cotton quilt, cotton is a little heavy but it do keep warm. The duvet has big inventory for air and not easy to flow, heat preservation effect is very good, but careful for allergic constitution, and must be dry-cleaned. Porous hollow fibers of high elasticity, good volume, lighter weight, like duvets, but the price is cheap, small thin was even can directly use the washing machine washing, not afraid of pressure, easy to keep. This defect is poor hygroscopicity, does not apply to chemical fiber allergies.
  If the temperature in your room is a little high, silk quilt may be a good choice. Because it is light, soft, slender, moisture absorption, antistatic and good feel. But it is hard to care, and canít be pressed.
  No.3 Perfect sleeping strategy-enjoy your pillow
  In general, the perfect height of pillow is between 10cm and 15cm. The specific size is depend the person.
  To the pillow itself, the neck of the supporting part should be a little higher, and have a certain hardness, so as to be in the neck can foil and physiological radian. And the support part of the back of the head should be lower than the above parts 3 ~ 5 cm, can fully support the head, and can be adapted to the height of the neck.
  Otherwise, you can put some cushions in your bed for you can read and watching TV.
  Tips: some people often wash the pillow case but not the pillow. In fact pillow is always dirty, so you have to clean your pillow at least every 3 months.


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