Choose a wedding bedding

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Choose a wedding bedding

Post by weiku on Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:38 am

Marry is the happiest thing for oneís life. So marry is not that easy, at least wedding is a big trouble. There are so many things and preparing for a wedding. Bedding is just one of the easiest for the big wedding. But choosing a wedding bedding itself is not that easy.
  Choices for fabric
  Twill cotton is widely used for bedding because of its varieties and water shrinkage.
  Reactive printing is more anti-dust, clean and excellent color fastness than coat printing. So it is more expensive because of its high cost.
  The stich density of cotton satin drill is the best, and the cost of satin products is higher than taffeta and twill products.
  Embroidery will not fade and is breath freely and good hygroscopicity.
  The characteristic of jacquard-soft, fine, smooth texture, good glossiness, good drapability and air permeability.
  Material quality
  Pure cotton is a good choice for bed quilts and coverlets because it is soft, gentle and son on. So cotton is widely used for bedclothes. But it will wrinkle and shrink.
  Yarn-dyed cotton is one kind of pure cotton. it is made of different colors of the weft.
  Jacquard cotton High density cotton jacquard fabric warp/weft density is very big, rich texture changes, so the fabrics feel thick, durable performance is good, the cloth smoothness is high, is made of pure cotton fabric in one of the more advanced.
  Silk looks gorgeous and the most smooth and honor, have natural light and flashing effect, comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity is better than cotton, but easy to dirt, in strong sunlight of poor heat resistance than cotton fiber cross section are unique triangular, partial light reflection change after moisture absorption, easy to form the water damage and it is difficult to eliminate, so the white silk fabrics when ironing mat.
  There are so many talks about fabric that we could not list on just one piece of paper.
  In real life, you may not have that many consideration when buying wedding bedding. So you may just go to a famous brand bed article shops, and follow the salesmanís advice.


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