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Post by yangtao on Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:28 pm

TY Machine Tool Slide Guide Soft belt features: selection of authentic fine, wear-resistant particles per unit volume multiplied, more capacity, a substantial increase in wear characteristics. Move rapidly to improve positioning accuracy and reduce power loss. To reduce by at work noise and vibrations, thereby improving workpiece surface quality and precision, so that tool life was extended. As the material itself has self-lubricating effect, when the machinery lubrication system failure, the precious metal rails will not be injured . in speed, load and temperature, the coefficient is almost constant, without adjusting compensation. And long-lasting anti-acid oil. TY Soft Machine Tool scraped with easy, low maintenance man hours, the price of imports rail soft with only 1 / 4. With TY-J software with special glue, paste using the operating ratio Wallpaper is also easy and convenient. the number of cast iron rail wear can be pasted over with thick soft TY Machine Tool.


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