Hecox substrate for low cost

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Hecox substrate for low cost

Post by optimus on Wed Jan 05, 2011 9:03 am

Optimistic about the LED surface light source will have the opportunity to become the market mainstream, drying machine , the domestic manufacturers Hecox cooling technology developed by the present intention of the (high thermal conductivity substrate) ceramic surface light source directly applied laminate packaging process belongs to the COB, the company General Manager Jiang Wenzhong said, bending machine , high thermal conductivity copper substrate by direct methods with the COB packaging process, can easily solve the heat problem and effectively reduce costs, several manufacturers now meet with the country, art galleries , mass production next year solder Article.
Hecox substrate for low cost
   HCS has been applied to the substrate with high thermal conductivity of high power LED, and a few manufacturers of solar concentrator, was well received, but also favored by the LED maker CREE polyester geogrid, Jiang Wenzhong said that the current monthly production capacity of about 100,000, Article 2 will be expanded next year, production lines, video conferencing systems, and introduction of different sizes, according to market demand for substrates, to expand training.
   It is understood that surface light source is made to COB packaging compared to traditional single process, not only can save the cost of a package, the light engine module production costs and the second light distribution costs, and solve again and again produced by light source and the glare film problem, life does not reduce the light efficiency and the premise, more effectively improve the color of the light source to 90%, and aluminum pan mold, installing LED production is also more simple than the traditional and convenient, the future of the surface light source will be COB packaging LED lighting market has the opportunity to become mainstream.


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