Planetary gear motor information

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Planetary gear motor information

Post by cisco on Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:02 am

Planetary gear motor is generally through the motor. Internal combustion engine or other high-speed operation of the power input shaft through the gear unit less number of teeth of large gears on the output shaft gear reducer to achieve the purpose is for low gear speed high torque transmission equipment, this is a common-sense questions, do not speak for the ordinary gear of the same principle will also have a few gears to achieve the desired slowdown effect, the ratio of the size of the gear teeth, that is, the transmission ratio.

Planetary gear motor can be divided into the following categories: servo planetary gearbox provides a cost-effective, widely used, economical, long life, etc., in servo control applications, play a sound effect of the servo rigidity and accurate positioning control, the operation of the platform with a low backlash, high efficiency, high input speed, high input torque, smooth running, low noise characteristics.


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