something of LTC2905CTS8

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something of LTC2905CTS8

Post by yeluo on Tue Apr 19, 2011 10:07 am

The LTC2904/LTC2905CTS8 are dual supply monitors intended
for systems with two supply voltages. The dual
supply monitors have a common reset output with delay
(200ms for the LTC2904 and adjustable using an external
capacitor for the LTC2905CTS8). This product provides a
precise, space-conscious and micropower solution for
supply monitoring.
The LTC2904/LTC2905CTS8 feature a tight 1.5% threshold
accuracy over the whole operating temperature range,
and glitch immunity to ensure reliable reset operation
without false triggering. The open drain RST output is
guaranteed to be in the correct state for inputs down to 1V.
The LTC2904/LTC2905CTS8 also feature three programming
input pins, which program the threshold and tolerance
level without requiring any external components. These
three programming pins provide a total of 27 different
voltage level and tolerance combinations, eliminating
the need to have different parts for development and
implementation of different systems with different voltage
levels requiring monitoring function.


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