Hang your dining chandeliers at just right height

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Hang your dining chandeliers at just right height

Post by weiku on Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:00 am

Chandelier is very popular among light fixture. More and more people prefer it when they decorate new house. Chandeliers are a great addition to just about any room, so is it in dining rooms. Most dining rooms are illuminated by a dining room chandelier. Traditional wood chandelier, or modern crystal chandelier, the question is how high you will hang it.

When hanging dining chandeliers it's important to make sure that it's low enough to light up the eating area without interfering with the sight line of the people seated at the table.

The general rule for hanging dining room chandeliers is that the bottom of the fixture should hang between 30" and 36" from the tabletop assuming you have an 8' ceiling.

Some designers recommend that for each additional foot of ceiling height you should add about 3" to the suspension height. It's important to note however that not everyone agrees with this. Some designers feel that the ceiling height shouldn't affect the distance of the fixture from the tabletop. If this is the case in your home the best thing to do is hold the fixture over the table and move it up and down until it feels right.

Sometimes the style and size of the chandelier will also affect the height from which you should hang it. If you have an elaborate chandelier that takes up a lot of visual space you might want to hang it a couple of inches higher than the standard height. Again, hold it up before committing to a height to make sure it works. Make sure it's hung at a height that won't bump any heads!

When it comes down to chandelier size, it's a style preference, so simply make sure you choose what feels right for you, and what looks best. As many designers know, sometimes breaking the rules means that it just looks better. Just make sure that your chandelier isn't going to endanger anyone's lives.

An elegant dining chandelier should just be hung at just the right height.


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