pick the right ceiling light from size

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pick the right ceiling light from size

Post by weiku on Fri Jan 11, 2013 8:42 am

Whether you decorate your new house or remodel your room, a ceiling light is always a must. Modern ceiling light is not just for lighting your room and bringing you bright, but most importantly it is a feast of eye for your room. So more and more prefer a elegant and delectable ceiling light. The question is how to choose a well-content for your room? Here we mainly talk something about size. There is no doubt size is an important side to choose light.
Take a consideration of these before you rush to a light shop:
Does the room have a high ceiling of 8ft or more? If so, you are very fortunate and can choose something that hangs down on chain suspension or a multi-level pendant that hangs a good way from the ceiling. High ceiling makes it easy to choose ceiling light.

If your ceiling height is lower than 8ft, then a semi flush fitting may be your best choice. This will have no chain and is usually suspended by a mount or different height rods incorporated into the light fitting itself, so the height shown in the description is the actual height it will project from the ceiling into the room.

If the ceiling height is 7ft 6in or lower, then a flush ceiling light fitting should be considered. Some people dread choosing a flush mount, especially if it is a living room where you want to have something decorative as a focal point. Today there is a vast and expanding amount of highly decorative flush mounted lights that are spectacular and a far distant cry from the day when we could only choose a simple glass shade on a bracket or lamp holder.

Kitchen and dining areas should be lit with fixtures that will give maximum lighting to the guest area. A multiple bulb fixture is usually a safe bet. If you are concerned about making the room seem more intimate at special times, installing a dimmer can give you the needed flexibility. And attention for the bulbs is energy saving.

Hallways need a fixture about every 8 to 10 feet if ceiling fixtures are the only source of light. Simple single-bulb fixtures will usually do the trick.

Bedrooms can usually be served well by a fixture that holds 2 or 3 bulbs located in the center of the room. If you have exceptionally large bedrooms, you may need to plan your lighting to incorporate some smaller ceiling fixtures with an assortment of lamps to bring light to specific areas of the room.

Ceiling fixtures for bathrooms may incorporate ventilation fans or heaters depending on need and taste. As in other rooms, try to make the fixture seem to fit the style of the room. If you have put expensive fixtures in the bathroom, do not short change the ceiling lighting. For those putting together a romantic bathroom suite, you may want to bring in some indirect sources of light and use dimmers.


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